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The Wines of Hausfrau

Why Bother Pronouncing it Correctly When You Can Drink it!!!


   In South America the Cucao is a bird that is known to bring one good luck.  This bird is so special that it even brought The Hausfrau Haven some mighty fine good luck because it brought us the Cucao PX.  This Chilean white wine is absolutely perfect for the summer weather and date night [...]

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Cameron Hughes is the Man at Hausfrau!


Here at the Hausfrau Haven there are very few makers of wine where we carry most of, if not all of what they make.  However, like every rule there is an exception, and our exception is Cameron Hughes.  At the moment we are carrying at least five of his delicious wines.  Some of these are [...]

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Ete is as Good as it Sounds!


      Ete Oregon White Wine   This white blend is so crazy that you are not going to believe that it actually exists. Combining Chardonnay, Riesling, Viogner, Vermentino, Gewurtztaminer, Roussane, and Marsanne, this white wine will throw you for a loop!  The only thing missing from this Oregon blend, is the kitchen sink!  [...]

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They’re Backkkkkkkk!!!


Remember those really great guys with the awesome hats that come into the store? No? They’re brothers…. Still nothing? Oh! That’s right, I forgot to mention, they make meade and sell it in our store. For those who have met them, you know who I’m speaking of. And hey, if you haven’t met them, you [...]

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