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The Wines of Hausfrau

We’ve Got Some New White Wines In The Store! Are You Feeling Frisky?


There are hundreds of killer white wines in our store but sometimes you get sick and tired of seeing the same bottles over and over (You never get tired of drinking them, however ).  So in order to spice things up, I figured why not do a post about some of the whites wines that [...]

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This Grape Leaves You Wanting Noir Noir Noir!


Pinot Noir…..a grape that pairs easily with a wide variety of  food.  A simple but layered wine that is ever growing throughout the entire world.  However, today’s focus is on Pinot Noir from two regions in the United States, being Oregon and California.     California Pinot Noirs tend to be fuller in body and more fruit forward, where Oregon Pinot [...]

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Rhone on in and Get Yourself One of These Terrific Buys


The Rhone River is one of the major rivers that runs through Europe.  The Rhone runs through southern France and is a major region for wine making.  With two Rhone regions (North and South) in France, majority of Cotes Du Rhone is produced in the southern Rhone Region…..But enough about the region, let’s get to the [...]

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It’s A Cab-A-Palooza!!!


A lot of our updates throughout the existence of our website have been about all the bargain wines that we have in the front of the store.  While those are great to know about, it is also great for you all to hear about some of the higher end bottles that we have in the [...]

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