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Reaching Hausfrau

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Wine of the Month Club

Hausfrau Haven’s Wine of the Month Club

We travel.  We tour.  We taste.  We…sacrifice.  Okay, so maybe we do 3 of 4 of those.  Either way, let us select wines each month for you as a member of our Hausfrau Haven Wine Club.


We began offering our Wine of the Month Club in December of 2001. In that time, we’ve watched our membership grow along with the education of our customers. Members of our club will have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines from around the world, including many unique and off the radar selections.


Call (614) 443-3680 today and we’ll arrange for your membership!


This club is a great way for the adventurous wine drinker who is interested in trying new and different wines, while at the same time, educating his or her palate. It also makes a fantastic gift for your wine-loving friends, family, and business associates. We will focus on new market introductions and wines from lesser-known wine producing regions. Materials describing the wines and growing regions will be provided with the wines. Monthly selections will be seasonally appropriate with an emphasis on fine, dry table wines, along with the occasional dessert wine.


Wine of the Month Membership

Here’s how the Hausfrau Haven Wine of the Month Club works…

  • - Sign up on the in-store Wine of the Month Club List or fill out the form on this page.
  • - Each month, two wines (and sometimes three!) will be available to pick up on the second Thursday of the Month at Hausfrau Haven in German Village.
  • - The cost per month will not exceed $35.00, not including tax.
  • Included with each month’s wines will be information on the specific wines, wineries, growing regions, suggested food pairings and recipes.
  • - A credit card imprint is required when you sign up and charges will be made on the second Thursday of each month.
  • - Open and enjoy!


For more information, or to enroll today, please call us at (614) 443-3680