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William Kavney Cabernet has been a favorite here at Hausfrau from the very first time we tasted it’s elegance. The 2011 vintage is what we have on our shelf at the moment, and it is absolutely fabulous! At an outstanding $19.99, this one is hard to beat in value! This Cabernet has a full body and shows some of that infamous Napa Dust. This wine is from Oakville, so you know it is bound to be an outstanding bottle. Oakville has some of the most well known wine makers around. Such as Nickel & Nickel, Opus One, and Robert Mondavi. If you ever tried the 2007, Kavney, it resembles that pretty well.  And in case you don’t remember, we are here to remind you. It has subtle notes of black fruit, cinammon, and spice on the nose, while the body is made up of black cherry, jam, and a great balance of acidity.  The finish is absolutely breathtaking; with dry tannins, dark chocolate, and oak. The William Kavney Cab gets 2 thumbs up and definitely and score somewhere in the 90s from us! So come grab a bottle so you can enjoy this wine as much as we do!

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