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Chocolate AND Vanilla Notes for $10 Off Per Bottle?


Seriously, we’re talking hints of chocolate and vanilla, along with blackberry, plum, and black cherry jams. Not even making that up. If you’ve never tried Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend, you’re in for a very good wine at a now amazing price. With a usual price of $21.99 per bottle, we are currently promoting this wine at an $11.99 steal. This is a perfect case purchase wine for BBQ season as it pairs so well with the big, beefy flavors of gourmet burgers, smoked beef ribs, and char-grilled steaks.

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Cellarable Cabernet for $19.99? Yes.

Cellarable Cabernet for $19.99?  Yes.

As some of you may have seen, our store’s front basket is now stocked with Buehler Vineyards great 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  If you’re looking for a nice, fruit-forward and full-flavored wine to accompany your barbecue or, as we head towards fall, roasted beef and root vegetables, this is the selection for you. Buehler’s [...]

Malbec Value: High Note Malbec

Malbec Value: High Note Malbec

This month, save $4.00 per bottle on the strong value of High Note Malbec. With a Wine Enthusiast rating of 86, and currently priced at $10.99, High Note Malbec has a deep, rich color with a hint of spice, balanced by strong, black fruits such as blackberries and black cherries.

Winery Offering: McManis Family Vineyard

Winery Offering: McManis Family Vineyard

McManis Family Vineyards is a grower and vintner of premium varietal winegrapes located in the Northern Interior of California. It is the sole objective of our family to produce the finest wine and winegrapes in the Northern Interior of California, as well as provide the best service possible.

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