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That’s right! Crios has created a 2012 red blend that is a “Limited Edition.” This blend is comprised of 40% Malbec, 40% Bonarda, 15% Tannat, and 5% Syrah.  Jose Lovaglio (The son of original winemaker), was inspired to create an entirely new wine that was never done by Crios. It was created to pay homage to his mother. Well we finally got the wine and it is good! The nose resembles Blackberry and Licorice. This wine shows excellent energy and the dark berry and spice flavors are gripping.  As is the rest of Crios wines, this hails from Mendoza, Argentina. A growing region and wine producer that are constantly pumping out terrific wines.  So come on in and grab yourself of this very special bottle, before there are none left…. Oh and did I mention that it’s only $12.99!!

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